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"The Conductor doesn't
make a sound.
He depends on others to
play their instruments for
his power.
And his power is great, but
he cannot play the instruments
for them."

Ben Zander ~
Boston Philharmonic Orchestra,

Leadership Development

The journey that brings one to this site usually begins with the first thought that change is needed within an organization. Maybe it is driven by an individual’s need to change, maybe to improve team effectiveness, or to ease an impending transition.

The recognition of these motivations is significant because they signify the fundamental difference between the role of a Leader and the role of the Manager.

A Leader is someone people choose to follow to a place that they would not have gone on their own; someone who moves people from one paradigm to another paradigm by changing people’s thinking; and aligns strategy and people by gaining trust in order to help them change.

A Manager, Joel Barker will tell you, is a “rules optimizer”. Someone that leads their people within the constraints of the current paradigm by driving process efficiencies and promoting highly effective people development, so the organization is profitable today and ready for the next organizational paradigm introduced by the Leader role.

Achievable and continued success involves two components: Leadership, to inspire and encourage change; and a Coach, to facilitate the change. Together we Partner and move towards your desired outcomes Internationally.

Leadership and Coaching Partner International (LCPI) is a global team of highly experienced coaches and facilitators. Our Coach Partners’ vast and diverse cultural and professional backgrounds enable LCPI to align the right expertise and resources to deliver and monitor successes that will drive the desired business results. Unlike traditional consultants and trainers, we collaborate with our clients to support their business goals, focusing on the development and growth of their leadership talents and strengths. There are many individual consultants presently offering coaching, but there are only a few coordinated networks capable of meeting the total needs of their clients.
LCPI believes you can achieve what you choose to. But to do that, you need to create different environments, new mindsets, behaviours, and a new acceptance of the strengths of others. We believe in possibility and in the direct connection between high performing teams and organizational results and we believe in our clients, for it is our clients that produce the possibility for growth and excellence.

Where you are now is fantastic. But where do you want to be?

Together, let’s create the behaviours that will get you there.