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"The Conductor doesn't
make a sound.
He depends on others to
play their instruments for
his power.
And his power is great, but
he cannot play the instruments
for them."

Ben Zander ~
Boston Philharmonic Orchestra,

Ray Lamb

Ray Lamb

Executive Coach


Professional Expertise

Ray Lamb is highly skilled and experienced as an Executive Coach, Facilitator and Consultant who has worked with business leaders and their teams at all levels, around the world. He is passionate about supporting his clients to achieve success through their people. 

Ray’s pragmatic, while challenging approach ensures that his clients recognize their leadership potential and then develop sustainable approaches with their teams and individuals.

Another strong interest for Ray is to bring coaching skills to leaders and he has led many business coaching workshops in Europe and the USA, supporting leaders to develop a ‘coach approach’ to their leadership, whilst still maintaining a strong focus on business success.

Professional Experience

Ray has worked across many different sectors. Clients include Johnson & Johnson, ICI, IBM, Esai, Shield Medicare, theAA, RIAS Insurance, Tesco, KPMG, Severn Trent Water, Somerset County Council, Lambeth Living, Proctor & Gamble, Office of Deputy Prime Minister, BAA, Visa International, Xerox and GM Retail Finance, Novartis, Sanofi Aventis.

Ray has many years experience as a leader in corporate life where he led a large customer service team, before focusing on management, leadership and executive development as a consultant, coach and trainer. Ray has spent the last 12 years in this area of work, including an 18 month assignment to the USA working with global senior executives and their teams’ world wide, focusing on business transformation. 

Ray is passionate about developing new leadership behaviours based on vision, collaboration, connection, and community.  He holds strong beliefs that tomorrow’s business success will be based on getting the best from people, and he actively encourages leaders to explore these perspectives in their organizations.

Professional Development

Ray is a Graduate of the Open University, a Member of the Institute of Management, (MCMI) and the International Coaching Federation, (ICF).  He is also a Faculty Member and Senior Associate of Corporate Coach U International and on the faculty at KPMG where he delivers their Advanced Coaching and Performance Excellence Programme. He is a professional certified coach (PCC) with the ICF and has several executive coaching clients in a personal practice.