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"The Conductor doesn't
make a sound.
He depends on others to
play their instruments for
his power.
And his power is great, but
he cannot play the instruments
for them."

Ben Zander ~
Boston Philharmonic Orchestra,

Francine Campone

Francine Campone, PCC

Executive Coach


Professional Expertise

Francine Campone is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) who specializes in leadership development.  Her coaching clients include executives and senior leaders in corporate, nonprofit, social enterprise and education sectors.  Over her 12-year coaching career, Francine has partnered with over a hundred individuals and organizational teams to facilitate goal-setting, strategic reflection, self-directed learning and purposeful action.  A self-defined “thought provocateur”, Francine facilitates a reflective, investigative partnership with clients to help them realistically assess their needs, their strengths and their learning edges as a springboard for change.  A trusting relationship and clear communication serve as the hub for her coaching engagements. Her professional services include individual and team coaching, workshop facilitation, conflict resolution and dialogue skills development.  Francine applies her inquiring mind to coaching-related research and teaches evidence-based coaching to internal, experienced and beginning coaches.

Professional Experience

Francine’s diverse training and work experiences have honed her skills in organizational leadership, human development, strategic planning, crisis management and problem-solving at multiple levels.  During her tenure as a university dean, she managed significant campus-based crisis events, assisted her division through university-wide downsizing and led the development of proactive programs in anticipation of environmental shifts.  These experiences contribute to Francine’s skills in helping leaders to work effectively through challenging times.  In her coaching experience, Francine has supported clients to move constructively through organizational restructuring, build sustainability through strategic planning for growth, and manage the human response to organizational change. Previous clients include leaders in Xerox Corporation, Rio Tinto, Earth Share, NetAid, CASA and Calvert and Kellogg Foundations.  Francine is a founding faculty member of the University of Texas at Dallas’ Executive Coaching Program and teaches both coaching research and evidence-based coaching courses in that program.  She is the Director of Training for Fielding University’s Evidence-Based Coaching certificate program and teaches evidence-based coaching in addition to supervising faculty, developing and refining training curricula and conducting on-going program assessment.

Professional Development

Francine’s doctorate in Adult Learning and Development from Columbia University (NY) is complemented by formal coach training in various coaching models through accredited coach training programs.  She is a certified Crucial Conversations trainer and has trained in Humanistic Mediation through the University of Minnesota. Francine has been trained as a facilitator through the Kettering Institute and the National Public Issues Forum.  She is also the sole licensed Intercept Experience provider in the U.S.  A lifelong learner, she is conducting coaching-related research and continues her education through participating in periodic seminars and workshops.