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"The Conductor doesn't
make a sound.
He depends on others to
play their instruments for
his power.
And his power is great, but
he cannot play the instruments
for them."

Ben Zander ~
Boston Philharmonic Orchestra,

Ayn Fox

Ayn Fox

Executive Coach


Professional Expertise

Ayn Fox combines her background as a career and executive coach with extensive experience designing and facilitating training workshops, idea generation sessions and team retreats based on the principles of whole brain creativity and innovation. Her clients have included large corporations, government agencies, educational and health care institutions, entrepreneurial ventures and professional associations.  She particularly enjoys working with leaders and leadership teams to use their creativity to bring inspiration, meaning and fulfillment to the workplace. 

Ayn can be counted on to provide a fresh perspective and a memorable experience.  She has consistently demonstrated the ability to provide a safe and stimulating environment for individuals and teams to explore their deep values and access the heart and spirit of what they are up to in their work and their life.  Clients consistently demonstrate the creativity they have within themselves and learn to create the environment for others to express their own unique, creative spirit. 

Professional Experience

For over three decades, Ayn has provided coaching to individuals ranging from artists to scientists, entrepreneurs to senior executives.  She is equally comfortable developing long term relationships, as well as short interventions.  As the Catalyst of Creativity Lab, a business she founded in 1986, she custom designs leadership retreats and coaching programs to create a mindset for experimentation and invention.  Many of the Crayola products you see in the stores came out of Creativity Labs she facilitated for Binney and Smith. 

Ayn is a Senior Faculty member of Herrmann International, global leaders in whole brain technologies and the originator of the HBDI - a premier thinking style instrument. She provides coaching debriefs on this instrument for executives and teams in major corporations throughout the world.  She has played a significant role in the development and facilitation of training programs in Whole Brain Creative Problem Solving, Innovation and Strategic Thinking which have been well received in Fortune 100 Companies and large Government Agencies.  

She also serves on the Faculty of the Federal Executive Institute where she facilitates programs on Innovative Thinking, on the Planning Committees for the Annual Leadership and Creativity Conference sponsored by Regis University, and the Leadership Training Program sponsored by the Association for Corporate Growth (ACG) in Colorado. 

Early in her career, she co-founded the Transitional Day Hospital at the famed Menninger Foundation, several Community Mental Health Initiatives, a Family Guidance Center, an Executive Retreat Center and a small restaurant which was an excellent “learning experience”.  

Professional Development

Ayn was certified as a Master Coach by the International Coach Federation (ICF) in 1999. She developed her coaching mindset from the combination of her education and experience in vocational rehabilitation counseling, career development, entrepreneurship and whole brain creative thinking.  She partnered with several coaches from different coach training programs to develop a Program on Coaching Skills for Managers.   As a member of the leadership team of the Denver Coach Federation, she collaborated with a local TV Station to develop an ICF Award Winning Coaching Call-In Program.   She has served on the Certification Team of the ICF and has presented memorable programs at their conferences.  She has advanced training in the Art of Convening by the Heartland Institute and the Applications of Whole Brain Thinking by Herrmann International.  She has also been trained in Experience Marketing: Business as Theater by Starizon and the Leadership of Prejudice Reduction and Enhancing Diversity by the National Coalition Training Institute and has served on the core team in Colorado.