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"The Conductor doesn't
make a sound.
He depends on others to
play their instruments for
his power.
And his power is great, but
he cannot play the instruments
for them."

Ben Zander ~
Boston Philharmonic Orchestra,

Client Results

LCPI has successfully introduced its coaching practices within a number of multinational organizations to solve difficult management issues. Here are a few success stories.  For confidentiality, these Corporations will remain anonymous. 

Success Story – A Healthcare Conglomerate

OBJECTIVE: Double sales within five years
How does a leader take a very good company, one that is already number one in its market, and convince his team they can make it even better?

That was the task put to LEADERSHIP and COACHING PARTNER INTERNATIONAL, by the newly appointed President of this pharmaceutical giant.  They had an ambitious vision. The President wanted to double revenues in five years and turn the Canadian Company into a world-class business that could compete on every level internationally.

We commented that “Oftentimes you deal with companies that have problems, and it’s your job to help turn them around.  This Company had no burning issue. They were already doing well and meeting their numbers, so why do anything different?”

This giant was and is a highly motivated organization, but nobody believed they could double sales in five years.  We started with Senior Executives and worked down to the shop-floor workers to buy into the new vision. What this Client and LEADERSHIP and COACHING PARTNER INTERNATIONAL embarked on was nothing less than a transformation of the company’s mindset.

They had a fresh and aggressive vision, but the President’s approach and thinking were based on the static model he’d learned over his 20-year career.   For four months, LCPI worked with the President one-on-one, guiding him to a new, clear and focused thinking process that would translate his vision into specific and realistic steps.

IMPLEMENTATION PLAN:  Soft Skills had to be implemented, such as how to have coaching conversations and how to connect with the people.  Merv Rogers, Principal of LCPI worked with the Management Teams to ensure that everyone had a precision-sharp understanding of each role or combination of roles they played, whether it was that of the leader, manager or coach, and how it could contribute to the company’s vision to double revenues in five years.  This resulted in every individual taking ownership for the part they played in realizing the President’s goal.

The Management and Executives underwent a DISC assessment, which is based on the work of one of the 20th century’s foremost psychologists, Dr. William Marston.   This helped individuals identify and understand their behaviour patterns so they could modify them based on their strengths and weaknesses. It’s also provided assistance for informed team building.

That learning leads to the empowerment of individuals—a critical component of LEADERSHIP and COACHING PARTNER INTERNATIONAL’S approach. “The goal is to create an environment where people bring out the best in each other and build strong relationships,” says Rogers. One of the ways LEADERSHIP and COACHING PARTNER INTERNATIONAL achieved this with this Pharmaceutical Healthcare Company was to establish a formal mentoring program where Senior Executives and Managers were matched with protégés. LCPI’s focus was to get the Managers to communicate more profoundly with their people, so everyone can leverage their personal skills within the team.

RESULT:  The new mindset now guides every decision, including the Company’s hiring practices. For example, the Marketing Department has a position they want to fill - they now look at what kind of talent or behaviours are required in an individual to complement the group. 

This deeper understanding of what each team member brings to the table has resulted in increased efficiency. Managers have gone from solving all the problems, which is what they used to do in the old-management style, to shifting the workload and decisions to the appropriate team members.

Today this Conglomerate is a company with an ambitious Leader whose vision has been embraced and woven into the Corporate Mindset.  Now it is an aligned company well on its way to achieving its goal.  Something once thought to have been unachievable – is being accomplished!!


Leadership and Coaching Partner International has successfully introduced the above coaching practices within hundreds of Organizations to solve difficult Management issues. Here are a few more success stories…


One of the world’s largest and most successful multi-brand corporations was in shock after being told they were to be dismantled and sold in four months time. Closing the deal was more complex than anticipated. The company was forced to operate for two years in an exceptionally destabilized fashion within highly competitive environments. LCPI was tapped to leverage the power of coaching into running the business. From the CEO through to hourly workers, THE COACH APPROACH was used to energize and focus the people in the organization. Not only did they exceed their annual sales targets (their best year ever) they did it with 40% fewer staff.  This is how LCPI helps to wind down a business while maintaining morale and high profits. 


A world leading Pharmaceutical organization suffered a drop in performance each time senior people moved into new roles in other cultures.  Sales of a one billion dollar division, for example, fell by 8% within six months after a new President from another country was transferred in. As performance partners for the new President, LCPI was able to support his making major personal and Managerial changes with ease. The result? Sales rebounded and the organization exceeded targets for the year within a six-month period.


A major US bank pursued a policy of continual growth through acquisition. This strategy seriously affected performance of management and staff. In addition to dealing with constant changes in personnel and policies, they were overwhelmed with challenges in cultural diversity. Fed up with volatile business climates, top leaders shifted the business strategy away from command-and-control to one of organic growth from within. They called on LCPI to make coaching a key strategy to re-engage their workforce on many levels. LCPI designed and delivered a comprehensive process of varying coaching delivery methods for multiple levels within the organization all tied together with their common measurements and quality control. The organic method of development strips down unnecessary poisons and rebuilds with fresh natural methods of growth.  Now this Bank is emerging with renewed positivity and expansion.  


In an effort to cut costs, one of the big three automotive manufacturers decided to move its top performing facility to a lower cost country. Everyone throughout the plant was traumatized when the news broke. Staff were expected to maintain a high level of quality and production where their futures were uncertain; they also had to look for new jobs. Through the use of THE COACH APPROACH the Management Team needed to be motivated to quickly develop new Leadership skills and approaches to successfully close the plant in 18 months while maintaining the full cooperation of the union. In the final months of production, everyone was able to perform exceptionally well while the product quality continually exceeded all previous targets. The closure process was so successful, the company is now considering using this strategy as a model for future plant closures.