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"The Conductor doesn't
make a sound.
He depends on others to
play their instruments for
his power.
And his power is great, but
he cannot play the instruments
for them."

Ben Zander ~
Boston Philharmonic Orchestra,

Executive Coaching

Our coaching team is comprised of an extremely proficient panel of experts, each of whom have crafted their skills through years of education and hands-on-experience.  They use a practical approach and utilize unique coaching resources.  They combine these talents to hone in on their client's potential, foresee challenges and work cohesively with them to create a strategic plan of action.  Our Executive Coaching Team is successful because it is results based.   We take a one-on-one individual approach, using ‘people’ as the foundation of the company as a whole, and combine their assets to create and build an infrastructure based on the company’s entire core values. 

When you identify areas for improvement on an individual level – you start to see what contributes to the greater challenges they face.   Part of this process is in understanding how others perceive you, how you communicate, how you leave people feeling, what patterns and habits you are repeating, what goals you hope to achieve, what problem solving methods you employ, what strengths you hold and what areas of weakness need to be addressed. 

This approach is effective because the organization as a whole can start to rebuild from the bottom up.  Once constructed on a solid foundation of values and personal ethics of those within the company – the completed structure is better equipped to withstand pressure, competition, disagreements, and challenges.  This empowering tool of stripping down and freshly building is effective because each person makes a contribution.  They start to take personal responsibility for the role they play individually and wholly.  A strong unit is built as everyone holds their part for the company’s stability. 

Some methods we use to build a solid foundation are:

  • Leadership Development — We help to express untapped potential and teach you to build personal influence by maximizing talents, refining strengths, and stretching abilities to build leadership skills. 

  • Transitioning or "On-Boarding" for Executives — Transitions are pivotal in part because everyone reacts to change in different ways.  Preparing individuals for change requires that company leaders know how to ensure that change is guided and positive—and accelerated. Our coaching partners train leaders to make small and large transitions with ease.  They’ll also learn how to establish constructive new working relationships; how to smoothly manage organizational and personal transitions while maintaining personal equilibrium.  Leaders can manage expectations of themselves and others in a way that results in motivation and achievements rather than a feeling of failure or disappointment. 

  • Executive Productivity — One of the keys to improving Executive Productivity is having a clear understanding of what the executive’s role is.  Unlike managers and other leaders within an organization whose roles are to bring out the best of their team within the current reality or environment, the executive’s role is to create new realities, foresee needs of the future and align resources to position the organization into the future well before the competitor. Our coaches help executives develop the skills and insights they need to be the most productive visionaries they can be.

  • Cultural Change — No culture is stationary, so change will occur naturally.   Organizations need to bring about quick, effective cultural change in order to achieve significant improvement, to reposition themselves for new opportunities or simply to adapt to the rapidly changing world. Our coaches understand the dynamics that exist within cultures, the patterns of resistance and the common barriers to evolution. They can help an organization develop strategies to minimize resistance to change while expediting the natural evolution of cultural change.

  • Behavioural Change — Doing the same thing generates the same results.  That’s why our coaches help our clients develop a comprehensive understanding of how Behavioural change can lead to better results. More importantly, our coaches know what’s needed within an organization to create an environment that embraces and adopts Behavioural change and strategically implements it. 

  • Expatriate Orientation — Adapting to life and work in a new country can be daunting. Our coaches can aid executives and key people through this process, helping them refine or learn the necessary skills to meet the challenges and adaptation process smoothly and productively, both professionally and personally.

  • Business Strategy — Once business targets and results are measured many organizations think the job is done. But really, that’s just the first step.  The most important and often neglected next step is to connect the business strategy to the people who are in the position to deliver it.  It is more than just aligning resources—it is about aligning mindsets.  Our coaches can show you how.

  • Diversity — Companies today compete in a global environment and yet many of them still operate with a local mindset, hoping that what works in one geographical location will work everywhere.  Our coaches help our clients establish a global point of view, providing an operational plan for diverse geographies and employing new strategies that provide an organization with the ability to truly operate as a global entity.