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"The Conductor doesn't
make a sound.
He depends on others to
play their instruments for
his power.
And his power is great, but
he cannot play the instruments
for them."

Ben Zander ~
Boston Philharmonic Orchestra,

Custom Design and Integration

"It isn't the changes that do you in, it's the transitions"
William Bridges ~ Managing Transitions

LCPI’s application of coaching goes beyond the traditional one to one setting. The Coaching philosophy is baked into all facets of the workshops, facilitations, all company meetings, working offsites and interventions we design and deliver.

Our sessions are not designed around trust exercises. Although there may be some value to those -- we set out to create a shift in thinking. That shift happens with an experience designed to allow each person an opportunity to gain a more profound understanding of each other and provides a forum for the leader to authentically declare the expectations of the business, then applies each person’s strengths to the business issues at hand. We facilitate not just a path to your desired outcome, but a sustainable path for results.

Facilitation with a coaching style is the difference between simply “training” and a lasting “experience”.

A Facilitator, in its pure sense, is someone who helps a group of people to understand their common objectives. The Facilitator then assists in the achievement of those goals from a neutral standpoint. The end result is a strong basis for future action derived by consensus from all team members. A Facilitator with a coaching style does that PLUS drives the learning even deeper by encouraging dialogue that most likely has never been openly shared, and creates opportunity to identify barriers and subsequent action plans.

Every program we deliver is unique. Whether we are delivering a program multiple times across an organization, or for the first time in a new organization, our goals are the same - to facilitate the desired outcome of the leaders. The method by which we facilitate varies as we flex and adapt to the various mindsets and paradigms of each group.

Our goal, through discussions and planning calls ahead of our program delivery, is to design a series of learning experiences that will:

  • influence the adoption or enhancement of mindset/behaviours that align to the program objective;
  • identify the key barriers that stand in the way of change across the organization;
  • educate leaders on the nature of the change, the impact of the transition, and their role in the change;
  • involve leaders in developing leadership techniques that support the transitions required by the people across the organization;
  • create a sense of personal ownership and accountability; and
  • provide mechanisms to cascade the messages across the organization.

Our tactics could include:

  • Working Offsites - establishes the leadership mindset needed throughout the organization to support the change.
  • Leadership Summits - transitions people through organizational change and identifies how they can contribute.
  • All Company Meetings – provides an experience that engages the entire company into an aligned direction and provides a foundation to influence and shape the organizational culture.
  • “Working Together to Win” Workshops – creates high performing teams through the identification and understanding of business challenges, the strengths of the talent that exists, and how to apply the current talents and strengths to the business challenges.
  • Coaching Clinics - heightens the Manager's ability to have purposeful conversations and provide feedback that develops others and deals with critical performance corrections.

Executive and Management Coaching – making new behaviours stick through a combination of coaching groups, one-on-one sessions, or providing the role as a trusted advisor.